AIRSCAPE: THE FALL OF GRAVITY is an upcoming action platformer about an octopus lost in a strange and dangerous world. Created by a team of students from around the world, Airscape combines innovative gravity mechanics, devious obstacles, and questionable physics.

Airscape is planned for release on Windows, Mac, and Linux in 2014.



Can't wait for the game to be released? Try out the first six levels of Airscape above and get a taste for what the final game will end up like!


Download the screenshots in full 1080p Resolution here.

Contact and Social

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Daniel West, Design and Programming

     Daniel is a recently graduated high school student from Wollongong, Australia. He started his programming experience with LEGO robotics at a young age. In 2011, he moved onto game programming with Construct 2. He spends his spare time feeling guilty about not working, and playing Spelunky. He is also freakishly obsessed with typefaces. You can follow Daniel on twitter here.

Claudia Starke, Artwork

Claudia is a third-year university student from Germany, studying to teach Art and German. You can find her deviantART page here.

Sam Gossner, Music and Sound

Sam is a young, primarily self-taught composer specializing in cinematic orchestral music for games and films. He loves writing music that expresses ideas and emotions, and Airscape provided a unique challenge to him as both a very large and complex score (as well as the fact that he had to come up with SOMETHING to make the sound of an octopus walking). Learn more about him here.

Dieter Theuns, Additional Art

Dieter has had a couple years of experience as an animator and graphical artist. After a couple men in a black van stopped by his house, Dieter was persuaded to join the project. If he didn’t help providing the UI and design elements for this game, his pet goat would suffer an... unfortunate accident. The rest became history. Check out his website here.

Scott Rogers, Additional Art

Scott is a talented digital artist who does everything from illustration to 3D art, photography, and more. His work has appeared in a number of games and contests across the internet. He created the original UI and logo for the game. Check out his website here.

The Team

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